Polar Quality Privacy policy

Polar Quality AS is part of the Salten Aqua Group. Salten Aqua Group, represented by Salten Aqua AS, maintains administrative responsibilities for the company together with Polar Quality.

Privacy is the right to a privacy and the right to decide the use of your own personal information. Personal information is information and assessments that can be linked to an individual.

This Privacy Statement provides additional information about what personal data is collected, how the information is collected and protected, and what rights you have if your personal information is registered with us.

Salten Aqua Group represented by their CEO and Polar Quality with their respective manager is titled processing officer, with the main responsibility for the processing of personal data. The term “Salten Aqua Group” means both data administrators. Internal delegation covers only the tasks and not the responsibility.

This statement contains information about how we gather data from our website (Personal Information Act, section 19) and general information about how we treat personal information (section 18, section 1, paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Act).

We use subdatabases for some of our internal routines. See list below:

Accountant at Ever AS, org. No. 979 491 611. The service involves accounting and traceability of costs and income, as well as personnel costs such as salary and pensions. Information is processed in the accounting software Maritech Regnskap.

Salten Aqua AS, org. No. 982 268 443, headquarters and administration. The company is part of the Salten Aqua Group, which is operated through Salten Aqua AS. Salten Aqua AS handles internal personal information on employees throughout the group, as well as other information necessary to carry out purchases and sales in the group. In some cases, Salten Aqua AS assists with recruitment work.

We use the following systems for processing personal information, in cooperation with data processing:

We use Maritech software for logistics, sales and accounting. Their privacy statement is available at https://www.maritech.no/en.

Customer and supplier information

All information that can be linked to a single individual is voluntarily assigned to the supplier of the Salten Aqua Group. This is information that is necessary to complete a purchase.

Polar Quality processes personal information about customers and suppliers, as well as any third party required for the performance of contractual obligations.

The information being processed is contact information about customers and suppliers. Contact information means name of contact, email address, phone number and job title.

The legal basis for such treatment is the Personal Data Act section 8a, b or f (GDPR Article 6, letters b, c and f), and section 9a, b and f (GDPR Article 9, letters a and b). Personal data is stored in a separate database and deleted five years after completion of the customer relationship.

All information that can be linked to a single individual is given voluntarily from the person concerned.


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Salten Aqua Group collects and processes unidentified information about visitors to our websites. We use regular plug-ins, such as WP Statistic, to collect information about users so that we can always provide the best possible functionality and further develop information services on the website. This information is retrieved from the computer’s browser and may include IP address, operating system, browser software, and sender network page.

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Processing of personal data as part of human resources management

Polar Quality processes personal information as part of human resources management. Personal data processed in this regard include personal information, salary information, evaluations, information about relatives, and education / employment level.

The legal basis for this treatment is the fulfillment of the employment contract, cf. section 8 (a) and b (b) of the Personal Information Act, Article 6 (b) and (c).

Personal data relating to personnel administration is retained as long as the employee is employed in the Salten Aqua Group and is deleted 1.5 years after the person has quit, etc. Other requirements are available according to Accounting.

Salten Aqua Group handles personal information about employees in the group to manage salaries and staff responsibilities in accordance with section 8, first paragraph and section 8 a), b) or f) and section 9 a), b) and f). The necessary information is recorded for payment of salary, such as basic data, salary level, time registration, tax rate, tax authority, union membership and refunds.

The information is obtained from the employees themselves. The information is provided only in connection with salary payments and other statutory deliveries. Deletion routines for personal data follow the Accounting Act and the Archive Act.

Processing of personal information related to applicants

When register and / or subscribing to vacancies in the Salten Aqua Group, as well as submitting CV, application and other relevant documents in connection with a job application, personal information will be collected. Personal data processed in connection with recruitment include personnel and job and education details. In some cases, the personality test of current candidates is conducted. Personal information is obtained from jobseekers.

Information obtained will not be used for other purposes than processing related to job search. Salten Aqua Group also utilizes its own recruitment data system for efficient processing of applications and advertisement of job advertisements.

Personal data about applicants for positions will be deleted two years after they have applied for a position in the Salten Aqua Group, unless the employee is employed or agrees to keep the information longer. It is emphasized that jobseekers can get the information deleted whenever they wish. In such situations, the user himself provides information to our supplier, which stores the information and makes it available to us. The supplier does not have insight himself but has his / her own privacy policies as “user”, in this case, “applicant” is protected by. See, for example, https://karriere.no/terms.html.

It is optional for the person concerned to provide personal information.

Data portability

Salten Aqua Group adjusts its actions according to the individual’s right to data portability. This is the right to bring their personal information from one business to another. Please see: https://www.datatilsynet.no/regelverk-og-skjema/veiledere/de-registered-rettigheter-etter-nyregelverk/dataportabilitet/.

Information security

We are committed to information security and have implemented procedures to ensure confidentiality. Polar Quality has security mechanisms that involve both organizational and technical measures such as role and access management and privacy requirements in our IT systems. Material containing sensitive personal information or social security number and transferred to or from Salten Aqua Group must always be secured against access by means of encryption.

Your rights

The Salten Aqua Group’s processing of personal data is governed by the Personal Information Act and its corresponding regulations. Your rights relating to our processing of personal data are included in the Personal Information Act, Chapters III and IV (GDPR Chapter III). Below are some of the most important rights presented:

Right to access

Anyone requesting it is entitled to know what kind of processing of personal information we make, as well as basic information about these treatments. Such information is provided in this privacy statement.

As an employee or customer, you have a right to know what information about you is registered and what security measures are available during the treatment as long as such insight does not impair security.

You may inquire the Processing Officer to expand the information as mentioned above to the extent that this is necessary in order to be able to take care of your own interests.

Right to correct and delete

If the Salten Aqua Group treats personal information about you who is inaccurate, incomplete or unauthorized, you may, within the limits stipulated in the Personal Data Act and other legislation, require you to correct or delete personal information. Furthermore, you may require deletion if processing of personal information is no longer necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they were collected or if the treatment is based on your consent and you withdraw it. The treatment will be required if required by law.

Salten Aqua Group shall respond to requests for access or other rights under the Personal Data Act.

Contact information

We make sure that our customers use their regular contact person in Salten Aqua Group for questions regarding our processing of personal data, and these will involve others in the organization as needed.

Requests for access, rectification and deletion, and non-response messages, should be addressed to robert@polarquality.no. See also http://saltenaqua.no/kontakt/ for other contact points.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

There may be changes to our privacy statement

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